The KOMPSYS leadership team brings together individuals with diverse experiences in military, IT and Telecommunications, combining a range of expertise that is driving the company forward and growing its success.

Kevin Doby, President & CEO

A 23-year veteran of information technology and telecommunications, Mr. Doby is CEO, and founder of KOMPSYS. Mr. Doby is responsible for establishing KOMPSYS as a leading provider of IT services and solutions by increasing annual revenues through strategic relationships. His other responsibilities include corporate direction, setting priorities and ensuring that KOMPSYS operates efficiently within budgetary constraints, as well as establishing procedures to accomplish corporate goals.

Prior to founding KOMPSYS Mr. Doby's experience encompassed engineering, design, implementation, and fault isolation of inter/intra continental networks spanning an array of technologies within telecommunications markets both domestic and international. During his industry experience, Mr. Doby has held senior-level consultant positions in organizations such as British Petroleum, NASA, and Cisco Systems. This experience has allowed him to become extremely proficient in his ability to work through the most challenging situations and articulate complex technical topics to executives as well as engineering professionals alike.  

Prior to his industry experience, Mr. Doby served his country honorably as a Radioman in the United States Navy from 1986 –1992.