The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has awarded KOMPSYS a contract under the Electronic FAA Accelerated and Simplified Tasks (eFAST) Program. eFAST is a professional, technical, and support services acquisition vehicle specifically developed to support the FAA’s mission, goals, and operations. KOMPSYS is eligible to support the following FAA functional areas: Computer Systems Support, Documentation & Training, Computer/Information Systems Development, and Engineering Services.

The combined total ceiling amount for all MOAs under eFAST is $7.4 billion for the entire 15 year period of performance, including options. For fiscal 2013, the FAA awarded $918M to small businesses.

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• Information Analysis/Business Intelligence
• Database Analysis/Design/Development
• Computer Program Analysis/Design/Development
• Computer System Analysis/Design/Development
• Web Site Analysis/Design/Development
• Graphic Design
• Computer System Server Analysis/Design/Test
• Information Assurance Analysis/Design/Test
• Enterprise Architecture
• Training
• Information Technology Systems Architecture
• Computer System Quality Assurance
• Software Engineering

• Database Administration
• Computer Program Maintenance
• Computer Maintenance
• Server Maintenance/Operations
• Network Maintenance/Operations
• Web Site Maintenance
• Help Desk
• Telecommunication Services,
• Information Assurance Analysis/Test
• Computer System Quality Assurance
• Software Engineering

• Analyze/Prepare/Edit Technical Documentation
• Analyze/Prepare/Edit Business Documentation
• Analyze/Prepare/Edit Deliver Training
• Analyze/Prepare/Edit Computer Based Training

• Systems Engineering 
• System Analysis
• Specialty Engineering
• System Security, Hardware Engineering
• Software Engineering
• Configuration Management
• Quality Assurance & Testing 
• Engineering
o Acoustical, Aeronautics, Aerospace, Astrophysics, Chemical, Civil, Combustion, Communications, Construction, Electrical, Environmental, Erosion Control, Geological, Geophysical, Heating, Human Factors, Hydraulics, Industrial, Logistics, Manufacturing, Marine, Mechanical, Nuclear, Operations Research, 
• Developing Training Materials
• Air Traffic Operations Analysis/Design/Development
• Air Traffic Safety System Analysis/Design/Development
• Air Traffic Management Analysis/Design/Development 
• Air Traffic Operations Training
• Air Traffic Safety System Training 
• Air Traffic Management Training
• Training