Fiber Optics

KOMPSYS personnel have over 200 years of combined telecommunication industry experience. Our knowledge mix stems from a blend of Bell and Carrier experience, including Illinois Bell, WorldCom, Qwest, Global Crossing, and MCI, to name a few.

KOMPSYS is well rounded and versed in the areas of network modernization, [services with automation tools for equipment, facilities, and records migration], OSS integration & implementation, ordering/coordination, cost analysis, access/local billing and tariff/regulatory issues.

KOMPSYS delivers software and technology-enabled services to help your organization manage, understand and control both fixed and mobile communications assets and costs.

KOMPSYS provides a broad range of wireless and radio-frequency engineering services. Our RF engineers are seasoned professionals and current in training due diligence for today's technology solutions to support WIMAX, LTE, UMTS/HSDPA, CDMA/EV-DO, Microwave, GSM, IMS, and IP.

KOMPSYS offers its wireless clients with a wide scope array of technical services, in professional services (bodies) and project management expertise. Additionally, KOMPSYS provides wireless services such as site acquisition and RF engineering, KOMPSYS provides MTSO and Cell Site EF&I, OSP engineering and in-building wireless engineering and installation services. As technology continues to advance in wireless communications, it is critical for vendors serving the wireless industry to maintain and enhance their skills and expertise.

KOMPSYS maintains compliance with FCC, FAA, and RF compliance regulations to meet our customer's goals and objectives. KOMPSYS can provide written comprehensive and detailed reports regarding site compliance, ensuring public and worker safety from RF and EME emissions. At KOMPSYS, we are proud of our culture and our ability to evolve with the industry. When you need a contractor that has the ability to manage a project across multiple disciplines, and meet the mission, vision, and values of selected customers, KOMPSYS is the choice of many.

Key Services:

Radio Frequency and Electromagnetic Energy Compliance

  • Full Compliance with FCC, FAA, and RF regulations
  • Fixed WiFi/802.11, mobile WiMAX 802.16e, Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology
  • Technology assessments and Vendor evaluations RF & EME levels calculation
  • Written documentation per site
  • Site changes and safety procedures recommendations
  • Interference Analysis
  • Transmitter site surveys
  • System Design & Expansion
  • Installation, Integration and Commissioning
  • Computer Modeling & Calculation
  • Signage & Barrier
  • Noise Floor Study Fine Tuning, Optimization & Troubleshooting
  • Full Compliance with Industry Security Standards
  • Benchmarking and CW Testing

KOMPSYS and its Communications Practice are grounded in the Landline Infrastructure technologies. These older generation technologies are being displaced by fiber and wireless solutions. However, the legacy landline infrastructure still requires late life cycle management and transition planning. KOMPSYS has the proven experience to help manage the engineering and many installation services required to build and maintain the landline infrastructure. Additionally, services to manage forward and reverse logistics for landline hardware and telecom equipment are available.

KOMPSYS professionals know the care it takes to implement wireless systems by designing and implementing networks based on desired end results. We also know the balance it takes to expand an existing network. Our management consulting approach interacts with our clients to effectively outline the goals of new or system expansion in support of our deployment process. We approach every aspect of a project with a deep desire to deliver only the most effective technological solutions that can be measured based on budgeted cost targets.

Enhancing the capabilities and profitability of existing wireless networks is a large part of our business. As a common tool to add to the effectiveness of a network, our engineering consultants take an innovative approach to network optimization. That approach blends engineering expertise with an intimate understanding of the inner workings of a wireless network to keep providers and their networks competitive.

Whether it is an expansion that includes adding capacity for the existing system or whether a new or added network feature requires network enhancements, KOMPSYS is there to assist our clients realize their goals by providing professional and time sensitive solutions. KOMPSYS's team of dedicated professionals pride themselves in delivering exceptional results at every opportunity.

Depending on the needs of our clients, KOMPSYS directs system maintenance solutions that maximize broadband capabilities and efficiencies. Troubleshooting and a targeted approach to system maintenance helps our team bring continuing results to keep our clients systems maintained properly so that they are able to operate at or near full capacity.

Integrating new fiber technologies while continuing to cost effectively manage a large copper network can always be challenging. KOMPSYS brings the experience and knowledge to make this integration successful. Specialized skills include assessments of new or improved products and field trials and documentation of potential benefits. Any new or existing plant product or procedure can be annualized and ROIs developed without tying up scarce Telco resources. Vendor relationship management and negotiations are also a high skill area in which we have much success and experience.

SONET Transport Network Design – KOMPSYS Engineers will review the existing transport ring topology and determine the most efficient ring configuration for existing needs as well as future expansion.  Combining an eye toward growth sustainment and cost savings, KOMPSYS provides our customers with ring topology plans that maximize RPU while maintaining maximum flexibility to accommodate growth on the network.

This service is designed for any type of network, wireless, IP, TDM or converged, and combines strong focus on the leased portion of the network. KOMPSYS reviews the transport network as a whole, evaluating Interconnection Agreements, Network Inventory vs. Provider Inventory, Equipment connections at the port level and Leased Invoice Review. KOMPSYS looks for inefficiencies in the transport network in regards to cost vs. performance standards as well as future evolutions of the planned network.