Data Flow

With most business being done online,  having information on paper can make knowledge sharing a slow process. Adding to the pain, many find that storing and managing information can take up time and space that is often at a premium.

Converting paper information to digital can facilitate that instantaneous access to information or quick decision making that customers often require.

To help companies and government organizations manage their records and data, KOMPSYS offers information conversion and storage solutions that package information in a way that increases accessibility while freeing up space.

KOMPSYS helps our clients achieve more intelligent business decisions with sustainable data warehousing solutions that offer storage as well as data search and analysis capabilities. An intelligent business is one that is more responsive to the needs of the consumer, more flexible in meeting a wider variety of demands, and more efficient in the completion of daily tasks.  Data warehousing solutions from KOMPSYS consolidate electronic data and house it on digital media, for as long as needed.

Throughout the data warehousing process, assurance is provided that the integrity of existing data is maintained because of our capability to integrate existing or legacy systems into a data warehouse solution. 
Storing digital information in a data warehouse makes strategic planning simpler because of the user friendly query, analysis and reporting functions.  Analysis and reporting tools make it simpler to look at short term and long term trends in your data through reliable, consolidated and integrated analytical reporting. Other features of structured data warehousing solutions from KOMPSYS include:

  • Capacity to hold substantial amounts of data for long periods of time
  • Detailed reporting and analysis
  • Data mining capabilities
  • Query capability
  • Redundant backup

Maintaining records is an essential part of doing business, and for the government it is also a mandated requirement. Organizations often store rarely used data on their high-performance systems, which becomes an increasing operational cost as these systems become overloaded and slow.  Archiving old and unused data is an effective way of overcoming this issue.  Data archival is an important part of the information life cycle where unused data and records are removed from an on-site system and placed in long term, external storage.  KOMPSYS offers secure archival services for long term storage of electronic information on the latest DVD or optical media.

Our data archival services are designed around the client and provide:

  • Expert consulting to develop or improve a data retention policy
  • Expert consulting to identify data that should be archived


  • Compliance with government mandated retention requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Cost effectively store large amounts of data
  • More efficient system operation as a result of increased free space

Data mining is an important tool for transforming raw data into information that can be used to gain insight into the operations of an organization.  KOMPSYS offers data mining solutions with advanced functionality like optical character recognition (OCR) for information extraction and intuitive reporting tools.  In addition, KOMPSYS helps improve organizational decision making and strategic planning with simplified tools for constructing analytical models that help uncover patterns and trends in data.  And with capabilities to efficiently extract critical data from current or legacy and structured or unstructured data, KOMPSYS is at the forefront of technology in data mining. 

Data mining solutions from KOMPSYS can be used to:

  • Identify trends, opportunities and risks
  • Develop a targeted marketing strategy
  • Better focus services by becoming more in tune with the needs of customers
  • Increase the effectiveness of decision making

The Data mining tool from KOMPSYS is capable of analyzing large volumes and many types of data.  Not all data mining tools have the capability to process unstructured documents (such as notes & emails) which contain data that is just as critical as structured data (such as forms).  In addition, the KOMPSYS data mining tool has the essential capability to process data from multiple sources.  These capabilities allow for more comprehensive data capture from across an organization.

At its most basic, data mining extracts requested information from selected data and places it into a database.  From there the superior reporting and analysis tools can be used to create highly accurate predictive models.  All of this operates behind a user-friendly interface that lets our clients easily run the advanced algorithms that facilitate the data mining.  Because these data mining solutions are designed to improve efficiency for our clients, we continually strive to reduce the complexity of our solutions while still delivering high value technology.  

KOMPSYS data mining provides for:

  • Extracting data into databases
  • Developing predictive models
  • Analyzing trends
  • Regularly extract particular pieces of information for daily use


  • Easier data sharing
  • Improve service and performance, detect fraud, measure credit risk, maximize cross selling, identify most profitable strategies
  • Data mining and data warehousing are often packaged together for a more effective solution

KOMPSYS offers cutting edge data security tools to protect the government's critical information.  With measures from PII to SCI and SAP Top Secret, we protect a wide range of data, from personal information to matters of national security. 

Our data security policies and procedures meet or exceed NIST 800-53 and FISMA guidelines.

It is often the case in today's global environment that different members of a project team are in more than one location, whether it is somewhere in the United States or across the globe.  KOMPSYS makes remote collaboration simple with our cutting edge collaborative data management tools that allow for remote storage, editing and sharing of work in real time.

With collaborative data management solutions, KOMPSYS provides the means for maintaining information in one central location, which improves productivity by providing access for everyone on a project team to the most current set of information.

With years of experience in government service, KOMPSYS is a trusted partner in meeting federal initiatives for document conversion.  Document conversion transforms paper records into exact digital replicas that can be stored or used as organizational knowledge.  KOMPSYS offers a full line of conversion services with capabilities to process a wide variety of medium including paper, film, fiche, maps and drawings.  These services are secure and cost effective from end to end, but it is the transparency and accountability delivered with our real time document tracking capabilities that really set us apart. 

Converting documents from paper to digital offers several advantages:

  • Free up physical space
  • Transport and sharing of records becomes effortless when it can be done at the click of a button
  • Meet the Federal Government's ERM objectives

KOMPSYS follows a standardized technical approach to document conversion, which is designed to achieve secure, accountable and quality service 100% of the time. That approach is:

  • Expert mission needs assessment
  • Reliable package and transportation
  • Secure facilities
  • Transparent box tracking
  • Consistent records keeping and inventory
  • Efficient document preparation
  • High performance document scanning
  • Value added indexing
  • Accurate image QC
  • Short term document storage
  • Quick file requests
  • Dependable export & delivery

A key feature of our document conversion solution is the automated tracking system (K-Track).  This online system provides easy monitoring of records anywhere and at any point during processing.  Because documents can be tracked anywhere, K-Track streamlines the request process.  However, in the end it is customer service that counts.  That is why a Project Manager or Production Manager is always available to handle urgent requests.  Having a real person at your service means that urgent requests are processed within 2 hours. 

Our goal during the document conversion process is to minimize processing time while maximizing quality.  The high-tech, high-speed scanners used are able to process documents between 120 and 160 pages per minute at 300 DPI, with the potential capacity of well over 500,000 pages per week.  In addition, the capability to scan both sides of a document simultaneously, contributes to a minimal processing time.

To maximize investment, KOMPSYS is able to offer both bi-tonal and color image scanning for the same low cost.  We are able to do this because our state-of-the-art high speed scanners capture color and black and white documents simultaneously.  And to maintain the outstanding quality we consistently strive for during the scanning process, KOMPSYS employs several quality improving measures.  Automatic image enhancing features such as de-speckling, skew correction, contrast enhancement and border cropping, are used to create clear, readable images. 

As an alternative to storage, KOMPSYS offers data destruction services for a variety of mediums.  For the highest security in data destruction, KOMPSYS is certified in physical destruction methods; consistently complies with NSA, NIST, DOD, and HIPAA specifications; and offers the option to have destruction services performed at the client site.  Further, KOMPSYS provides a certificate of destruction, a video DVD of data destruction activities, secure web reporting, an asset inventory and EPA recycling. 

For electronic media, KOMPSYS offers certified degaussing and destruction capabilities that include pc hard drives, smart cards, microfilm, compact disks, digital video disks, laser optical media, and any type of magnetic media using NSA/CSS EPL technology equipment.   Other physical destruction options include:

  • Shredding
  • Disintegration
  • Incineration
  • Sanitization