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As operations and the systems that support them become increasingly complex, many are finding that the systems they once relied on are not capable of keeping up. Legacy systems are often undersized or  outdated  or too fragmented as a result of additions and updates over many years.

Replacing, updating or integrating current systems can refresh business in a way that will help you realize significant cost savings in maintenance while increasing productivity and reducing risk.

KOMPSYS offers  state-of-the-art, customizable IT services that are delivered within the framework of existing business processes, in order to optimize IT infrastructures and accelerate performance.

Existing programs can be improved, or new ones expertly developed, with Program Management services that combine advanced technologies with consultants who are experts in their field.  Program Management services are designed to manage the technical aspects of a client’s program for efficiency optimization, so that their efforts can be better focused where they are needed most. To assist Program Managers in effectively managing programmatic, schedule, and technical risks, our consultants combine functional expertise in technology, engineering, and sound management principles with the best technologies. KOMPSYS consultants support our clients at all stages of the program life cycle with services that address every aspect of program management, including:

  • Planning
  • Feasibility Assessments
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Reporting
  • Audits

Our Program Management consultants are also able to address many elements of the acquisition cycle, including technology demonstration/validation, testing of full-scale engineering development, production of systems, and installation management.  Further, we offer:

  • Systems Engineering and Integration
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Concept Visualization
  • Tool Development
  • Transition Plans
  • Training
  • Contingency Planning
  • Disaster Recovery Planning

Knowledge management capabilities are enhanced with service oriented database architecture (SOA) that provides dynamic organization, storage and retrieval of data in structured databases.  KOMPSYS offers several database architecture options, from simple storage and retrieval to complex, multitier databases.

These services also enable the capacity to run reports on stored data, affording easy access to organizational knowledge as a means of helping organizational business evolve.  In addition, reliable and consistent backup capabilities are a standard part of database architecture services.

Custom or industry standard applications can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems with mission critical application services, to maximize the automation of business processes.  In developing applications, KOMPSYS consultants create a package of custom and/or existing applications in a way that best supports the strategic plans and business objectives of the client.  These application solutions are designed to eliminate the duplication of business processes and streamline organizations, to improve their ability to make fully informed and swift business decisions.

In developing and planning an application solution, our consultants first assess existing applications to determine:

  • The most cost effective applications for an organization’s needs
  • The most efficient design for a new application package so that it fits with overall strategic plans and goals
  • How to manage the applications in a way that eliminates excess or duplicate functionality

With experience in planning, developing and deploying application packages, KOMPSYS consultants have the know-how to minimize the cost of implementation and maintenance.  Further, to ensure continued performance, all application development and deployment services are thoroughly followed up with performance monitoring.

Our expertise with industry standard applications includes:

  • SAP
  • Oracle
  • Microsoft
  • Java
  • DW/BI
  • CRM

A robust network is the foundation of effective information sharing, which is why KOMPSYS offers next-generation networks that facilitate quick and seamless communication from one location to many. Our network engineers have end-to-end network design experience, meaning that they have the capabilities to build a network from the ground up, to synthesize new network capabilities with an existing network, or to troubleshoot functioning network issues. The collective experience of the KOMPSYS team means that we are able to deliver integrated system configurations that produce reliable, robust, flexible and cost effective systems that offer optimal return on investment.

The KOMPSYS methodology for designing and engineering a sustainable network includes planning, designing, integrating and finally operating and optimizing the solution and is based on experience and best practices which includes:

  • Developing a thorough project plan
  • Determining installation and integration requirements
  • Creating a detailed topology
  • Assessment of traffic levels and capacity requirements
  • Assessment of security needs
  • Analysis of needs in consideration of budget constraints
  • Providing forecasts of planned network operations

Our network engineering options include:

  • Wireless/Satellite
  • Content Networking
  • Optical/DWDM/SAN's
  • Frame-relay/ ATM Network & Service Inter-working

As a first resort in gaining network security, vulnerability assessment services identify current vulnerabilities and provide a plan for securing systems from intentional attack.  Vulnerability assessment services from KOMPSYS are scalable and can be applied to both on site and remote networks.  
These proactive solutions ensure long term protection with preventative measures designed to shield system from future vulnerabilities.   

For a complete picture of your network’s vulnerabilities and strengths, we offer:

  • VPN testing
  • Penetration testing
  • Configuration assessment
  • Code review (mistakes in coding)
  • Port scanning
  • Security testing: encryption, antivirus, firewall, password authentication
A quick response time can be critical to any organization.  A structured cabling system minimizes reaction time by increasing the speed at which information is processed and shared.  As a part of our network services, KOMPSYS offers structured cabling options that can support multiple data, voice, video and multimedia systems.  KOMPSYS has capabilities in both inside cabling (Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e, etc) and outside plant implementation of fiber-optic networks. We also provide related equipment and services such as business telephone systems, voice mail, paging systems, wireless communication technology, and fast internet access solutions.

Infrastructure Installation services we provide:

  • Requirements Analysis
  • Site Survey
  • Network Design & Engineering
  • Pre-Job Construction
  • Network & Cable Installation