Thumbprint SecuritySecuring and integrating critical system infrastructure is key to functioning at a high level in today's business environment. Investing in technology that is not only advanced enough to operate efficiently in a high-tech environment, but that is right for your unique needs, will improve decision making as well as information sharing. However, whether implementing a new system or upgrading an existing one, putting in place measures that close gaps and safeguard against unwanted intrusion are critical for protecting against the threats that accompany technological advances and increased information sharing. As a provider of cutting edge IT solutions, KOMPSYS offers tailored products and services that can help secure systems while meeting a diverse range of IT needs. Delivering customized networks and software packages, KOMPSYS provides mission critical support that includes capabilities for both local and remote operation.

IAVA (Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert)

KOMPSYS is a trusted consultant and provider of tools for network compliance with the DoD’s IAVA policy mandates and vulnerability alert notifications.  IAVA solutions support the government’s initiative to secure against threats to the Federal information management systems with:

  • Detailed needs assessment for alert compliance
  • Database management and updates for structured organization of alerts and compliance information
  • Follow up network vulnerability scans

With each of these services KOMPSYS delivers the technology and know-how to take on the responsibility of managing compliance with IAVA initiatives, helping our clients better manage compliance and accomplish more with their time.

Today’s network threats are as dynamic and adaptive as technology itself.  To help our clients better manage the risks from these threats, KOMPSYS offers comprehensive network fortification with integrated security measures that create a unified layer of protection around an organization’s information.  To begin, experts assess the current environment for risk and then follow up with planning, design and implementation of a secure architecture and infrastructure based on best practices.  Each unified security solution is designed specifically around the client’s system and in compliance with organizational security policy.  This affords maximum protection in preventing intentional attacks against a network, minimizing unintentional mistakes and preventing exposure of information assets unnecessarily, while reducing the impact of an attack.

Unified security measures include:

  • Updated anti-virus
  • Strengthening passwords
  • Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Fortifying firewalls
  • Access control
  • Remote access

When security systems are patched and added to over the years, they lose strength in protecting against threats.  Systems that are not unified are complex and create more opportunities for gaps that may be exploited.  For a truly secure network, security measures must be multilayered and fully integrated..  KOMPSYS works with our clients to develop a security infrastructure that is centralized and interconnected. 

The KOMPSYS experts employ a proven methodology for developing the right solution for your system:

  • Review organizational security policy
  • Evaluate existing security architecture to assess performance and locate gaps
  • Develop a prescriptive plan to eliminate gaps
  • Develop a network security solution that is scalable, delivers high performance and is manageable
  • Deploy the new system
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of each component

Converged communications meet the needs of an increasingly mobile business environment by increasing our clients’ ability to access the people and the information they need, anywhere and anytime.  By integrating key communications applications on to a single network, this solution enables easy sending and receiving of communications across a variety of mediums.  Unified communications solutions from KOMPSYS provide easy to use common interfaces that incorporate diverse communications means, which allows for greater flexibility and savings than you find with traditionally segmented voice and data infrastructures.

However, bringing communications technologies together in a new way will mean protecting them in a new way.  KOMPSYS security solutions protect not only data networks, but communications networks with tools that are able to identify threats and lessen the risk of attack on an organization.  To accomplish this, our unified communications solutions are built with technologies that provide confidentiality, integrity and assurance of not only the components, but the services delivered by them.  

During the implementation of a secure unified communications solution, KOMPSYS brings together experts in network security and convergence to collaborate on delivering an advanced, sustainable and secure VoIP environment.  Overall, KOMPSYS provides a complete suite of consulting services to help build, secure and manage a converged network environment. To develop the right VoIP Security solution for each client, our consultants will:

  • Assess the existing environment for risk
  • Plan and design a secure architecture and infrastructure
  • Implement the secure design based on best practices
  • Manage the VoIP environment based on proposed and developed security policies and procedures

Exponentially increase the speed and ease of business with the latest optical networks that carry information at lightning speeds.   Optical network solutions from KOMPSYS are a cost effective way to multiply the capacity and bandwidth of a network without constant future network upgrades. 

Optical transport networks are connected by fiber-optic cables and transmit data via light wavelengths, which provides for the fast transfer of information.  Optical networks from KOMPSYS provide protocol flexibility, differentiated service level agreements, and the ability to quickly and easily scale bandwidth.  Scalable bandwidth means that the organization will be able handle larger amounts of voice and data traffic.  These fast optical based networks support complex operations with ease and help develop a more streamlined organization. 

KOMPSYS optical transport network solutions are scalable and flexible, so that as an organization grows in staff and projects the network will be able to handle the increasing traffic.

Process management solutions employ the most cutting edge technology to improve the processes that support our client’s projects.  Our innovative methodology for developing and managing processes facilitates a more streamlined organization by harmonizing processes for a better flow of information.  KOMPSYS process management solutions are also designed to maintain flexibility, for simplified upgrading as needs change and develop.  

In developing a customized process management solution, seasoned experts provide analysis of current processes and strategic advice on improving them. Our consultants work with clients every step of the way to: 

  • Assess existing processes and procedures
  • Design an enhanced or new process that streamlines information flows by eliminating current trouble areas
  • Test the new processes
  • Optimize new processes by analyzing performance results and identifying potential problem and opportunities for improvements
  • Deploy the improved process
  • Continue monitoring the process to ensure optimal results

Managing security on all of the network access points in an organization can be complex, especially when remote networks are involved.  As a top layer of network protection, KOMPSYS offers secure entry access control solutions that employ tools to pair the right people with the right information.  Our capabilities include implementation of security that establishes comprehensive protection for each aspect of a network, without degrading performance.  

In order to give individuals within an organization access to sensitive information, while keeping other areas secure, a KOMPSYS solution for secure entry access control employs cutting-edge technologies for authentication and data labeling.  During data labeling, labels are attached to specific areas of access, with a unique combination of those labels being attached to an individual.  This means that once an individual has been positively identified, they will be able to view the areas they have been assigned (and only those areas).  KOMPSYS is able to employ this technology both on site and through remote network entry points.