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Sometimes providing a successful solution requires collaboration.

We understand the importance of partnerships and the role that each party plays to support the client. By working together we can achieve more.
KOMPSYS believes in creating alliances for teaming opportunities, subcontracting relationships and corporate partnerships. Let us know how we can work together.

Teaming Opportunities

We are seeking teaming relationships with strategic partners in order to offer unique and complementary capabilities and provide superior value to clients – whether it is your client or ours. We have worked with other IT Services firms of all sizes in a variety of integrated team arrangements.


If you have a project or just want to see how we can team on a project, let us know. We welcome the opportunity to work with your firm.


KOMPSYS is committed to establishing mutually beneficial relationships with small and large businesses that provide affordable and complimentary products and services.


We believe that collaboration through teaming and partnerships is one of the keys to success. If you are a small or large business seeking subcontracting opportunities with KOMPSYS, we welcome the opportunity to work with you. We often have projects available which require subcontracting support. We’re also interested in utilizing our experience and past performance to lead as a prime contractor on projects which are mutually beneficial. In some situations, we’re more than happy to be a value-add subcontractor to your team.


KOMPSYS fosters a culture of ethical behavior and integrity. To become a subcontractor or teaming partner with us, your company must demonstrate high ethical standards that are consistent with our values. We also look for partners that offer strategic differentiation in quality processes and procedures, cost and cycle-time reduction programs, continuous improvement, technological or service advantages and innovations in delivery of goods or services.

Looking for a Partner or Subcontractor?