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Network Optimization & Maintenance

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Enhancing the capabilities and profitability of existing wireless networks is a large part of our business. As a common tool to add to the effectiveness of a network, our engineering consultants take an innovative approach to network optimization. That approach blends engineering expertise with an intimate understanding of the inner workings of a wireless network to keep providers and their networks competitive.


Whether it is an expansion that includes adding capacity for the existing system or whether a new or added network feature requires network enhancements, KOMPSYS is there to assist our clients realize their goals by providing professional and time sensitive solutions. KOMPSYS’s team of dedicated professionals pride themselves in delivering exceptional results at every opportunity.


Depending on the needs of our clients, KOMPSYS directs system maintenance solutions that maximize broadband capabilities and efficiencies. Troubleshooting and a targeted approach to system maintenance helps our team bring continuing results to keep our clients systems maintained properly so that they are able to operate at or near full capacity.