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Data Archiving & Retrival

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Maintaining records is an essential part of doing business, and for the government it is also a mandated requirement. Organizations often store rarely used data on their high-performance systems, which becomes an increasing operational cost as these systems become overloaded and slow.  Archiving old and unused data is an effective way of overcoming this issue.  Data archival is an important part of the information life cycle where unused data and records are removed from an on-site system and placed in long term, external storage.  KOMPSYS offers secure archival services for long term storage of electronic information on the latest DVD or optical media.


Our data archival services are designed around the client and provide:


  • Expert consulting to develop or improve a data retention policy
  • Expert consulting to identify data that should be archived




  • Compliance with government mandated retention requirements, such as Sarbanes-Oxley
  • Cost effectively store large amounts of data
  • More efficient system operation as a result of increased free space