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Data mining is an important tool for transforming raw data into information that can be used to gain insight into the operations of an organization.  KOMPSYS offers data mining solutions with advanced functionality like optical character recognition (OCR) for information extraction and intuitive reporting tools.  In addition, KOMPSYS helps improve organizational decision making and strategic planning with simplified tools for constructing analytical models that help uncover patterns and trends in data.  And with capabilities to efficiently extract critical data from current or legacy and structured or unstructured data, KOMPSYS is at the forefront of technology in data mining.


Data mining solutions from KOMPSYS can be used to:

  • Identify trends, opportunities and risks
  • Develop a targeted marketing strategy
  • Better focus services by becoming more in tune with the needs of customers
  • Increase the effectiveness of decision making


The Data mining tool from KOMPSYS is capable of analyzing large volumes and many types of data.  Not all data mining tools have the capability to process unstructured documents (such as notes & emails) which contain data that is just as critical as structured data (such as forms).  In addition, the KOMPSYS data mining tool has the essential capability to process data from multiple sources.  These capabilities allow for more comprehensive data capture from across an organization.

At its most basic, data mining extracts requested information from selected data and places it into a database.  From there the superior reporting and analysis tools can be used to create highly accurate predictive models.  All of this operates behind a user-friendly interface that lets our clients easily run the advanced algorithms that facilitate the data mining.  Because these data mining solutions are designed to improve efficiency for our clients, we continually strive to reduce the complexity of our solutions while still delivering high value technology.


KOMPSYS data mining provides for:

  • Extracting data into databases
  • Developing predictive models
  • Analyzing trends
  • Regularly extract particular pieces of information for daily use



  • Easier data sharing
  • Improve service and performance, detect fraud, measure credit risk, maximize cross selling, identify most profitable strategies
  • Data mining and data warehousing are often packaged together for a more effective solution