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KOMPSYS offers cutting edge data security tools to protect the government’s critical information.  With measures from PII to SCI and SAP Top Secret, we protect a wide range of data, from personal information to matters of national security.


Our data security policies and procedures meet or exceed NIST 800-53 and FISMA guidelines.


It is often the case in today’s global environment that different members of a project team are in more than one location, whether it is somewhere in the United States or across the globe.  KOMPSYS makes remote collaboration simple with our cutting edge collaborative data management tools that allow for remote storage, editing and sharing of work in real time.


With collaborative data management solutions, KOMPSYS provides the means for maintaining information in one central location, which improves productivity by providing access for everyone on a project team to the most current set of information.


As an alternative to storage, KOMPSYS offers data destruction services for a variety of mediums.  For the highest security in data destruction, KOMPSYS is certified in physical destruction methods; consistently complies with NSA, NIST, DOD, and HIPAA specifications; and offers the option to have destruction services performed at the client site.  Further, KOMPSYS provides a certificate of destruction, a video DVD of data destruction activities, secure web reporting, an asset inventory and EPA recycling.


For electronic media, KOMPSYS offers certified degaussing and destruction capabilities that include pc hard drives, smart cards, microfilm, compact disks, digital video disks, laser optical media, and any type of magnetic media using NSA/CSS EPL technology equipment.


Other physical destruction options include:


  • Shredding
  • Disintegration
  • Incineration
  • Sanitization