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KOMPSYS helps our clients achieve more intelligent business decisions with sustainable data warehousing solutions that offer storage as well as data search and analysis capabilities. An intelligent business is one that is more responsive to the needs of the consumer, more flexible in meeting a wider variety of demands, and more efficient in the completion of daily tasks.  Data warehousing solutions from KOMPSYS consolidate electronic data and house it on digital media, for as long as needed.


Throughout the data warehousing process, assurance is provided that the integrity of existing data is maintained because of our capability to integrate existing or legacy systems into a data warehouse solution.
Storing digital information in a data warehouse makes strategic planning simpler because of the user friendly query, analysis and reporting functions.  Analysis and reporting tools make it simpler to look at short term and long term trends in your data through reliable, consolidated and integrated analytical reporting. Other features of structured data warehousing solutions from KOMPSYS include:


  • Capacity to hold substantial amounts of data for long periods of time
  • Detailed reporting and analysis
  • Data mining capabilities
  • Query capability
  • Redundant backup