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Securing and integrating critical system infrastructure is key to functioning at a high level in today’s business environment. Investing in technology that is not only advanced enough to operate efficiently in a high-tech environment, but that is right for your unique needs, will improve decision making as well as information sharing. However, whether implementing a new system or upgrading an existing one, putting in place measures that close gaps and safeguard against unwanted intrusion are critical for protecting against the threats that accompany technological advances and increased information sharing. As a provider of cutting edge IT solutions, KOMPSYS offers tailored products and services that can help secure systems while meeting a diverse range of IT needs. Delivering customized networks and software packages, KOMPSYS provides mission critical support that includes capabilities for both local and remote operation.


IAVA (Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert)


KOMPSYS is a trusted consultant and provider of tools for network compliance with the DoD’s IAVA policy mandates and vulnerability alert notifications. Â IAVA solutions support the government’s initiative to secure against threats to the Federal information management systems with:


  • Detailed needs assessment for alert compliance
  • Database management and updates for structured organization of alerts and compliance information
  • Follow up network vulnerability scans


With each of these services KOMPSYS deliver the technology and know-how to take on the responsibility of managing compliance with IAVA initiatives, helping our clients better manage compliance and accomplish more with their time.