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Optical Transport Networks (DWDM & SONET)

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Exponentially increase the speed and ease of business with the latest optical networks that carry information at lightning speeds.  Optical network solutions from KOMPSYS are a cost effective way to multiply the capacity and bandwidth of a network without constant future network upgrades.


Optical transport networks are connected by fiber-optic cables and transmit data via light wavelengths, which provides for the fast transfer of information. Optical networks from KOMPSYS provide protocol flexibility, differentiated service level agreements, and the ability to quickly and easily scale bandwidth. Scalable bandwidth means that the organization will be able handle larger amounts of voice and data traffic. These fast optical based networks support complex operations with ease and help develop a more streamlined organization.


KOMPSYS optical transport network solutions are scalable and flexible, so that as an organization grows in staff and projects the network will be able to handle the increasing traffic.