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Managing security on all of the network access points in an organization can be complex, especially when remote networks are involved. As a top layer of network protection, KOMPSYS offers secure entry access control solutions that employ tools to pair the right people with the right information. Our capabilities include implementation of security that establishes comprehensive protection for each aspect of a network, without degrading performance.


In order to give individuals within an organization access to sensitive information, while keeping other areas secure, a KOMPSYS solution for secure entry access control employs cutting-edge technologies for authentication and data labeling. During data labeling, labels are attached to specific areas of access, with a unique combination of those labels being attached to an individual.  This means that once an individual has been positively identified, they will be able to view the areas they have been assigned (and only those areas). KOMPSYS is able to employ this technology both on site and through remote network entry points.