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Unified Security

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Today’s network threats are as dynamic and adaptive as technology itself. To help our clients better manage the risks from these threats, KOMPSYS offers comprehensive network fortification with integrated security measures that create a unified layer of protection around an organization’s information. To begin, experts assess the current environment for risk and then follow up with planning, design and implementation of a secure architecture and infrastructure based on best practices. Each unified security solution is designed specifically around the client’s system and in compliance with organizational security policy. This affords maximum protection in preventing intentional attacks against a network, minimizing unintentional mistakes and preventing exposure of information assets unnecessarily, while reducing the impact of an attack.


Unified security measures include:

  • Updated anti-virus
  • Strengthening passwords
  • Authentication
  • Encryption
  • Fortifying firewalls
  • Access control
  • Remote access


When security systems are patched and added to over the years, they lose strength in protecting against threats. Systems that are not unified are complex and create more opportunities for gaps that may be exploited. For a truly secure network, security measures must be multilayered and fully integrated. KOMPSYS works with our clients to develop a security infrastructure that is centralized and interconnected.


The KOMPSYS experts employ a proven methodology for developing the right solution for your system:

  • Review organizational security policy
  • Evaluate existing security architecture to assess performance and locate gaps
  • Develop a prescriptive plan to eliminate gaps
  • Develop a network security solution that is scalable, delivers high performance and is manageable
  • Deploy the new system
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of each component