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Do you have complete control over associating costs back to employees and business units? Does pulling up a simple report take hours to complete? Telecom moves, adds, changes and disconnects (MACDs) are difficult to manage, especially if you don’t have standard processes and a centralized database to manage changes. Inventory is constantly changing, with MACD activity making it a challenge to stay accurate and tie expenses back to the appropriate cost centers or users. KOMPSYS can help overcome these challenges through our Order and Inventory Management service. Our experienced staff helps standardize MACD processes, by providing the following services:


  • Project manage complex installations or terminations
  • Capture all MACD activity in one, centralized database
  • Enable order management and approval workflows based on your organization’s needs
  • Link all inventory items to their location, user, contracted rate, usage and spend
  • Report on under and non-utilized inventory
  • Validate inventory against invoices and contracts on a monthly basis



  1. Establish predictable telecom expenditures for enterprise business lines
  2. Provide accurate monthly MACD report