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Telecommunications and network services are a growing operating expense today for most global companies. Voice, data and wireless usage is exploding almost to the point of being out of control. Inventory of related network and telecommunications assets are non-existent or outdated. Most companies have little visibility or information to manage this cost. Inaccuracies of vendor billings add to the burden of ensuring proper validation in the payment process. Telecom invoices are multi-dimensional, with many fixed and variable elements, complicated taxes and surcharges, and many sources of pricing such as tariffs and contracts and thousands of line items. Vendor invoices have to be paid timely or companies can incur significant additional charges for late payments and run the risk of unexpected service interruption. Processing and reviewing these constantly changing invoices in a timely fashion is a daunting task for any accounts payable department.  A typical project consists of an audit which includes the review of invoices, contracts, inventory and office site information. After evaluation of contracts and invoices, KOMPSYS experts will prepare and deliver a detailed summary report outlining the current state of your telecom environment and recommendations for achieving cost savings.