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When an employee orders a phone and allocates the device to a billing account number, who is made aware of this transaction and how do you ensure that the charges are correct when the bill comes in 30 days? What happens when that employee leaves the company? KOMPSYS manages the provisioning activity and captures all mobility changes in one, centralized system. Usage analysis and optimization service is critical to receiving the most cost-effective wireless service from your service provider(s). We incorporate our expertise with best-in-class processes and tools to ensure wireless voice and data plans are continually optimized. Our Mobile Optimization process manages the following:


  • Non-Usage Analysis: analysis of devices which incur access charges, but have no voice usage or data usage
  • Rate-Plan Analysis: assessment of current rate plans and usage against available rate plans by provider
  • Pooling Analysis: analysis of voice usage patterns against plan pool minutes to determine if voice pool is at its most cost-effective level



  1. Tools, and procedures for providing you with in depth information about rate