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Our Committment

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Our Professional Services group helps implement policies, procedures, and processes that give complete visibility and control over your wireline and wireless telecom expenses. This includes the entire lifecycle of telecom expenses: Order and Inventory Management, Mobile Optimization, Analytics and Reporting, Invoice Management, and Wireless Helpdesk.  KOMPSYS is not a telecom auditing company that performs a quick one-time audit and then urges you to switch carriers.  We believe this is a band-aid approach that may save money in the short term, but ends up costing the end user more in the long run. Our aim is to optimize what you currently have. Our professional services include an automated telecom expense management solutions delivered as a SaaS model.


Invoice Management

Do you and your staff have time to manually audit invoices for accuracy against contracted rates and current inventory? If you don’t have a process for checking these bills, how can you ensure that rates don’t fluctuate throughout the year or even double upon contract expiration? Is your baseline for making decisions completely accurate?


If you face these obstacles, KOMPSYS can help by offering the following solutions:

  • We identify billing errors and exceptions on a monthly basis by auditing invoices against contracts and inventory
  • We manage and resolve disputes, which frees up your time
  • We monitor your contractual minimum annual revenue commitments (MACs/MARCs) and attainment levels



  1. Ongoing assurance of invoice accuracy to telecom providers with maximum cost-savings
  2. Accurate and timely loading and processing of invoices to Accounts Payable
  3. Increased cash flow, recovery of costs, and reduced invalid and inaccurate network billing