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Telecom Life-Cycle Management

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KOMPSYS delivers software and technology-enabled services to help your organization manage, understand and control both fixed and mobile communications assets and costs.  Once a TEM analysis is done and cost savings uncovered, KOMPSYS TLM services can transform the management of your fixed and mobile communications expenses and resources.  KOMPSYS will bring control, visibility and understanding to every critical process within your organization’s communications environment – from the identification of specific needs and provisioning of devices and services through the management and processing of invoices. KOMPSYS is about managing the processes that make up the lifecycle of your communications environment.  We provide an integrated Telecom Expense Management (TEM) solution, managing the entire vendor invoice validation process including inventory accounting, change management and provisioning, bill audit and payment on a single platform for Wireline and Mobility expense. We offer the expert service, as well as the proven workflow processes, a proven technology platform and reporting capabilities needed, to effectively deliver and drive recurring financial, time, and resource savings.